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Constant Vigilance in Financial Affairs

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STOCKS FOR 2007 [Jan. 11th, 2007|12:09 pm]
Constant Vigilance in Financial Affairs
Yesterday, as a guest on Fast Money, Jim Crammer recommended Sears at a good stock.

Here are some others I heard are good for 2007:

Atrion (ATRI) Has done good job building shareholder value. Should end 2007 with no debt and $6 a share in earnings. So at current prices you are paying a multiple of 13 times earnings -- puny for a company growing at better than 15% annually. With a market capitalization (shares outstanding times the stock price) of just $145 million, the share price is apt to be volatile.

CompuCredit (CCRT) The company focuses on the subprime lending market, issuing credit cards, auto loans, and small "payday" advances to people without the best creditworthiness. CompuCredit is a smart operator in a tough business. "Earnings growth and profitability have been strong -- and figure to stay that way," but "CompuCredit's stock trades at an extremely low valuation" -- just eight times the $4.60 in earnings per share that's expected in 2007.

Emcor Group (EME), which designs, operates and maintains sophisticated electrical and mechanical systems for factories, utilities and office buildings. The stock is pricey, but growth is impressive, with profits expected to rise by one-third in 2007.

Johnson & Johnson (JNJ), maker of drugs, medical devices and consumer health products. Although the business could be under the gun of a Democratic Congress, shares trade at a modest valuation of 16 times expected 2007 earnings, with a dividend that's rising at a consistent, double-digit rate.

Lockheed Martin (LMT), the aerospace company. Its stock has doubled since early 2004 but still trades at a price-earnings ratio of 16, based on estimated 2007 earnings. Plus, its volatility is well below the market as a whole.

Meredith (MDP), publisher of Better Homes & Gardens and other magazines and owner of 14 television stations. At a time when traditional media are out of favor, Meredith has been increasing its profits at a rapid pace. Nevertheless, it carries a modest valuation.

Ntelos (NTLS). It sells wireless phone and Internet service to customers in Virginia and West Virginia. Also, Ntelos sells wholesale wireless service to Sprint and, it should benefit as Sprint moves its newly acquired Nextel customers to the CDMA technology that Ntelos provides. A big attraction of the stock, is that it's cheap compared with similar businesses. Why? The company, founded in 1897, is "still not very well known." That's what we like in a stock: market inefficiency.

SkyWest (SKYW), a regional airline that, in the words of the Friess newsletter, Looking Forward, "receives payment [from Delta and United] for each completed departure rather than on a percentage-of-revenue basis, minimizing the effects of load factors and fuel price hikes." Considering its rate of profit growth, the stock trades at a low valuation of nine times expected 2007 profits.

ConocoPhillips (COP), which has been rearranging its portfolio in a way that appears perspicacious. For example, Conoco's purchase of Burlington Resources in March 2006 made it the largest natural-gas producer in North America -- a smart move in a tight market. Based on expected 2007 earnings, shares trade at a P/E of just 8 and yield 2.1%.

Universal Forest Products (UFPI) makes wood and plastic building products, such as roof trusses, for the construction and do-it-yourself sectors. With the decline in the housing market, the stock skidded 40% between May and December. It is, however, a selection of one favorite analyst, Cleveland-based Elliott Schlang, of Great Lakes Review, who focuses on midwestern stocks in boring industries. He likes companies with heavy insider ownership, strong cash flow and solid balance sheets. Universal meets the criteria and, trading at a P/E of 12 based on estimated 2007 earnings, it looks awfully cheap.
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(no subject) [Oct. 21st, 2005|01:20 pm]
Constant Vigilance in Financial Affairs

Hey, I don't know if this is an appropriate place to be asking this, but I'm desperate. I'm a library assistant-- meaning a grad student who helps out at the reference desk-- and I've got a prof who has a question that's totally boggling me. I'm a humanities person, and don't know a whole lot about business and finance. That said, here goes:

He is seeking five-year forecasts, 2005—2010, for expected global growth rates by industry

He mentioned ISICs, or International Standard Industrial Classifications

He has already spoken to the UN Statistics Division—they offer 2-digit ISIC data for Manufacturing, Mining, and Utilities, reported as a quarterly index (current, not forecasted—but he says this is okay) How would one obtain these reports?

Frankly, I'm at a loss. Help me if you can, and appologies if this is OT.

X-Posted like Whoa.
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For those of us who did not purchase our Mega Millions tickets in Rutherford, NJ [Sep. 17th, 2005|08:44 pm]
Constant Vigilance in Financial Affairs

I'm going to get back to this community, folks. Promise. Until then:

Sadly, I was not the Mega Millions winner from Rutherford.
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Small Successes [Oct. 20th, 2004|10:05 pm]
Constant Vigilance in Financial Affairs

[mood |satisfiedsatisfied]

I've balanced my checkbook and have been updating my transactions at least every other day for a couple of weeks instead of collecting a month of receipts in my wallet. (Debit cards sometimes make it too easy to spend.)

At least for the next couple of days, all my bills are current.

I've read enough of my insurance booklet to know what orthodontic and vision coverage is available.

I've found the paperwork to do a VERY basic will and power of attorney.

I've done much filing in my home office. I almost know exactly what I've had stuffed in my desk drawers, kept only what I really need, and where it is.
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link to post about money [Sep. 7th, 2004|05:53 am]
Constant Vigilance in Financial Affairs

at feminist: http://www.livejournal.com/community/feminist/1285861.html?nc=6&style=mine
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(no subject) [Jul. 21st, 2004|10:47 pm]
Constant Vigilance in Financial Affairs

[mood |gigglygoofy]

I think I need a grant to get all the supplies on my classroom wish list. :)

Hey, a great way to save money is: go to one of those stores and test out the massage chairs, as if you are seriously considering buying one. Then walk away laughing as you think about the $60 you saved on a massage.
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wish list [Jul. 15th, 2004|02:43 am]
Constant Vigilance in Financial Affairs

I've been meaning to post a wish list of stuff that I need/want to buy but don't have the money for right now.

The point of this would be to stave off impulse buying and to help cultivate patience in budgeting and financial matters.

At the moment, all that I can recall from my mental wish list are:

- a new silver watch
- a CD player for my car (the in-dashboard kind - I've been living with the cassette-adaptor kind for over a decade)
- a new clock radio with CD player
- an external CD burner/DVD drive for my laptop, or alternatively, a new laptop

(Hmmmm... am I the only one who discerns a theme here?)

I'll revisit this as appropriate.
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GIP [Jun. 28th, 2004|01:04 am]
Constant Vigilance in Financial Affairs

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Lean days ahead [Jun. 26th, 2004|11:59 am]
Constant Vigilance in Financial Affairs

[mood |nervousa leeetle bit nervous]

My financial situation:

* My last day of work at my current job is Friday, July 2.
* Will be in unpaid training from 7/5 - 8/5, 8-5 M-F.
* I begin pay status at my new job 8/1, but will not get my first check until the end of the month.
* I can stretch out my pay status at my current job for maybe 2 more weeks using vacation and a few hours of work here and there (I'm a-gonna be busy).
* I am married but have my own financial area which I must manage wisely to make up for past lameness with my losing-patience husband.
* I have $1 in my savings account.

Look for serious posting from me here soon.
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hi folks... [Jun. 24th, 2004|06:09 am]
Constant Vigilance in Financial Affairs

... I just wanted to say thanks to beautifulday72 for letting me know about this new community. I'm joining out of my eternal perplexedness that I can be six years past my PhD and still in credit card debt. How does that happen? I like to blame it on the hubby, and call myself the penny-pincher and him the spendthrift in our relationship, but then that's not entirely fair, since there is the whole issue of my major investment in yarn stash for my knitting addiction hobby....

I'll look forward to listening in and contributing when I can.
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